• Type: Attack
  • System: FCS
  • Piece Count: 27

Apocalypse Bolt 2L SDG is known to be one of the four Kinchi Blades. It was inspired by lightning, a fast, violent phenomenon.

Control Wheel: BoltEdit

  • Piece Count: 5

Bolt was initially released with the colors; Yellow and Black, to imitate the lightning’s flashes. Bolt is a dual-spin control wheel.

Use in Attack CustomizationEdit

Bolt can be used to steal spin, although "Apocalypse" fits it best, if unavailable it can be used in the Attack Customization Explosion Bolt 2L EF.

Fusion Wheel: ApocalypseEdit

  • Piece Count: 17
  • Layers: 3

Apocalypse is a symmetrical wheel, meaning that; one side is mirrored resulting to the dual-spin ability which is essential to the wheel as it includes 4 teeth that face both ways, which grip unto other Lego Beyblades and "steal" spin. These teeth assure that Apocalypse will spin longer than its opponent, as long as both beyblades make contact. There are also two arcs which make up most of Apocalypse. These arcs are usually the regular, main contact points as they extend from the wheel itself which can result to either massive recoil or great Smash Attack.

Use in Stamina CustomizationEdit

This “steal-spin” ability can also be used in the Stamina Customization Apocalypse Gyro 4L SS/S²W

Track: 2LEdit

  • Piece Count: 2

2L is a 2 Layer track. It is considered to be the lowest reliable track but its low height prevents any consistent contact with the opposing Bey.

Use in Defense CustomizationEdit

This low track can be used to counter low attack types can be used in the Defense Customization Scream Akura 2L S²W

Use in Stamina CustomizationEdit

2L can also be used to minimize contact with a higher attack or defense type, in the Stamina Customization Phase Aquita 2L SS

Bottom: Semi Dome GearEdit

  • Piece Count: 3

Semi Dome Gear or SDG consists of a gear that is not fully flat allowing it to have more stamina. SDG has a significantly wide surface area allowing it to travel fast and aggressive and also because of the gear texture, it is able to neutralize most recoil of the Fusion Wheel allowing it to attack more fluently. SDG does have trouble maintaining the "flower pattern" from a Sliding Shoot but its fast and aggressive abilities are truly advantages.

Use in Attack CustomizationEdit

SDG can be used in the Attack Customization Seize Bolt S3L SDG

Image GalleryEdit


Although the occasional recoil, Apocalypse Bolt 2L SDG displays vigorous power and speed allowing it to successfully win in a matter of moments, after launch. In addition to its sheer Attack power, Apocalypse Bolt is also one of the few Lego beyblades which can effectively steal spin enabling the bey to spin ‘longer’ than it’s opponent which is essential to any bey’s victory. So far it's been proven to have the best spin-stealing mechanism of all the forbidden LEGO beyblades.

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