Atlantis Austrail P.D.Edit

Austrail is named after the lost city of altantis and the southern crown Posting a how to soon.


Austrail is named after Corona Austrailius, The southern crown. So, litterally, this beyblades name means "The atlantis crown" in greek.Its a black face bolt Edit

Control Wheel:AustrailEdit

Austrail is a symmictrical wheel that covers almost all of Atlantis.It is designed to hold in the spikes on Atlantis. Though usable on other fusion wheels, it is best on atlantis. Colors: grey and black.

Fusion wheel: AtlantisEdit

Atlantis is a left spinning attack wheel that is three layers. It is very thick for an attack wheel and has graet potential. I t s able to find "contact points" with its 4 blades. Contact points are points where the beyblades hit each other and slide into each other, causing major damage to both beyblades. Its layerd look makes it very strong for upper attacks.

Use in attack customization.Edit

Atlantis Bolt DGD (Dome gear drive)

4D tip: Phase DriveEdit

Phase Drive is a Low powerful tip that has two modes

.Counter mode

. Assult mode

Counter mode starts out stamina like, but when you hit it goes into a powerful attack. Sort of like Hell Crown 130 fb From beyblade metal fury. Assult mode is like Left flat from Meteo L-Drago.

Over all , this beyblade is a good attack type with some recoil.

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