• DSC03713

    Cerberus LS Top View

    Type: Balance
  • System: HLS
  • Piece Count: 31


Attack: 5

Defense: 7

Stamina: 7

Balance: 9

Bit Beast (BB): Cerberus Lego SiegeEdit

Cerberus LS is exactly what its name suggests a Cerberus. A three headed hound that is enveloped in flames. It has white eyes that have no pupils making it appear to be a satanic being. The multi-headed canine also has a jet black coat. It's beginning form is chained up with obsidian chains holding back it's true power, however if Cerberus LS is forced back to far its chains will break and unleash its full destructive power. Cerberus LS 's element is Chaos, a very mysterious element that has traits of all of the other elements making it one of the most destructive and unpredictable attributes. It poops on the ground, leaving odors as it spins.

Bit Protector (BP): Cerberus LS ModelEdit

This model has a normal clutch. similar to the Draxer LS or Flazelok LS model only slightly tighter than the two. Its tight like when you put your two butt cheeks together and you take a dump on the toilet. It allows you to launch with speed, disgust and power. It can also allow a bey to be launched very slowly so the congested nasal area can slowly leak out onto the stadium.

Attack Ring (AR):Chain AttackerEdit

The Chain Attacker is a very unique Attack Ring. Chain Attacker includes chains that represent the obsidian chains mentioned in the description of the Bit Beast. It has a oval like shape that produces decent smash. The chains on the Attack Ring can absorb hits and whip opponents. Chain Attacker's left rotation provides better upper attack but less smash while in right spin it provides both smash attack power and defensive power. As stated before the chains help improve Cerberus's attack and defense. They provide a thin outer barrier that act like a very thin wheel that can absorbs hits and deal devastating attacks. However the attack ring shouldn't be used in competitive combos because the chains reduce its spin speed.

Weight Disk (WD): 8 Wide Attack MoldEdit

An 8 Wide that has a much more stylized design than the normal one, making it a lot better for attack than a normal 8 Wide.

Use in Attack Combo:Edit

  • AR: Tidal Wave Smasher
  • WD: 8 Wide AM
  • RC: Battle Change Core

Running Core (RC): Hades Armour CoreEdit

The piece has amazing balance potential. Its ball shape gives it amazing defense and stamina, while the small flat part gives it a good attack strength. It can can charge around the stadium then maintain a defensive, stamina conserving position.

Overall the part is very good for all stats.

Use in Balance Combo:Edit

  • AR: Grind Attacker/ Round Upper
  • WD:6 Wide/ 8 Wide/ 8 Wide AM
  • RC: Hades Armour Core
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