Constellation Vividusium ELDEST BROTHER VERSION is the 1st and eldest

Ancient Being in the Fable Of Ancient. Its meta wheel is on of the

Brother Wheels along with Moneta. Its name means 'Star Life' because Vividusium lived in the stars in the Fable Of Ancient. ________________________________________________________________

Face Bolt: Vividusium Eldest BrotherEdit

Identity Pattern: VividusiumEdit

This pattern represents variation and possibility just as Vividusium does in the Fable Of Ancient.

Meta Wheel: Constellation Eldest BrotherEdit

This wheel is a powerhouse if it has vividusium with it because of double sided smash power so it can push other beys out to be the best bey possible.

Bottom: Switch DriveEdit

Can be attack or defense depending on power of launch or angle of strike.

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