weather trio

  • syterm Zero G
  • Type: attack
  • Piece count: 32

Griffin is one of the 3 weather beys who control the weather. Griffin controls the Sun and drought. He is the upgraded version of Vice Griffin when he was given energy from Hail Pluto to be a whether bey.

Stone face griffin a creature in Greek myth half lion, half eagle. Offen he hunts the other bey down with his skillful and vicous attacks.

Chrome wheel :Griffin

attack ***

defense **

stamina ***

The Griffin Chrome wheel bears resemblance to Pluto and Neptune as they all have two teeth near the stone face. You can see the four blade like wings of griffin surrounding the stone face. Use in a stamina combo ice griffin 3LGF. Piece count 11

clear wheel: drought

attack ***

stamina **

defense **

Drought is a jet black clear wheel with four wings two going right two going left. It's base is comprised of 4 corner circular pieces that makes it a great smash attack wheel. Use in attack combo Drought Neptune D:D. Piece count 15


Two layer web is a great attack track for lower attacks, destroying anything in it's path. Use in balance combo

Hail Neptune 2LWSW2. Piece count: 3


A violent attack type tip with some stamina. Piece count: 2

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