• Domination Quazar D;D2

    Domination Quazar D:D2

    Type: Ultimate Attack
  • System: FCTS
  • Part Count: 33

Domination Quazar D:D2 is the upgraded form of Explosion Spiral D:D. It offers changes that improve attack power, stability, and weight. Domination Quazar is known to be one of the Final Forbidden Kinshi Bladers. It's designed after that of complete and total destruction and annihilation.

Control Wheel: QuazarEdit

  • Piece Count: 4

Quazar consists of two round wings and two long wings. These wings make Quazar a great control wheel as it's very air-dynamic. It easily cuts through the air allowing fast movement speed as well. While on Domination it can be rotated 180 degrees to change modes.

Note: Although Spiral is a great control wheel if used in right spin it can cause lower stamina and more air resistence.

Use in "Kinshi" Stamina Combination:Edit

The aero-dynamica and low air resistance can be used in the stamina combination:

Armageddon Quazar B4L DS

Use In "Reverse" Balance Combination:Edit

When spinning right rigid edges create more attack power. It can also help balance and stability. This attack power and balance can be used in the combination:

Quake Quazar 2L F

Fusion Wheel: DominationEdit

Domination is very similar to the original Explosion fusion wheel. Several differences however, make Domination batter as a choice. Domination uses the same type of layering to create grinding attacks against the opponent. However special teeth have been added to allow Domination to steal spin better than Explosion in comparison.

The colors have also changed. In the original version most of the parts were red with some brown and black. Now most of the actual Fusion wheel is black with some brown and red parts.

PC Frame: Ring 2Edit

The Ring 2 PC Frame is a layer thick and it allows Domination to have 2 modes. By rotating the top layer PC Frame 180 degrees Domination's attack power is shifted. When Quazar is on Domination it can also be rotated 180 degrees creating a total of 4 different modes. The 2 Modes of Domination are listed below.

  • Normal Mode
  • Chaos Mode

Each of these modes utilizes special qualities which aid it in attacking and defeating the opponent.

Use in Defense Combination:Edit

While in Chaos Mode Domination will often repel opponent attacks. This defensive power can be used in the combination:

Domination Gevrah '4L SW2

Use in Spin Steal Combination:Edit

The teeth in Domination can allow it to steal spin while spinning left. This "zombie" ability can be used in the Spin Stealing Combination:

Domination Akura J:D

Track/Drive: Destroy: DriveEdit



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