• Dravier LS

    Dravier LS Top View

    Type: Attack
  • System: HLS
  • Piece Count: 36

Bit Beast (BB): Dravier Lego SpikerEdit

Dravier Lego Spiker is a living stone bird. Its eyes are green. Its wings are a lighter grey than the rest of him. Its talons are white. Its special move is," Final Spiker" in which Dravier flaps his wings and a ton of its stone feathers fly out and attack the enemy.

Bit Protector (BP): Dravier EmblemEdit

  • Piece Count: 2
  • Layers: 2

This is one of the first models. It has a loose clutch, but it can still be spun fast.

Attack Ring (AR): Wing SpikerEdit

  • Piece Count: 22
  • Layers: 3

This is a unique AR. It has striking resemblence to Draxer LS's Wing Upper. However there are several vast differences in these ARs.

In Right Spin there is some smash attack. Also the wings cause this lego bey to be aero-dynamic. In some ways the Wing Crusher was designed to outclass the Wing Upper.

An interesting feature of the Wing Spiker is there are four left facing teeth. Two of them can be adjusted or rotated up to about 135 degrees from the original spot. This allowing double side spike attacks in either spin direction. These teeth can create tremendous attack power. When rotated these teeth give Wing Spiker a very wide range almost always making contact. However a disadvantage is that these teeth cause tons of recoil. A disadvantage to the opposite sided facing teeth is they can cause crash outs. Generally speaking however Wing Spiker can be used for smash attack in left spin, and its best use is it's aero-dynamics in right spin.

Use in Attack Combo:Edit

While rotated the teeth in Wing Spiker can be used for a great attack combo.

  • AR: Wing Spiker (Dravier LS)
  • WD: Wide Balance (Hyperion LSUV)
  • RC: Gear Change Core (Dreezo LS)
  • Spin Direction: Right

Use in Endurance Combo:Edit

While spinning right, wings and teeth can create low air resistence wich allows the lego bey to spin longer. This ability can be used in the Endurance Combo:

  • AR: Wing Spiker (Dravier LS)
  • WD: Wide Heavy (Dravier LS)
  • RC: Free-Spin Bearing Core (Draxer LS)
  • Spin Direction: right

Weight Disk (WD): Wide HeavyEdit

  • Piece Count: 12
  • Layers: 2

The Wide Heavy WD is the heaviest WD ever released. Though it weighs not much more than the Wide Balance the extra weight can create more endurance. It can also weigh down defense types to lessen recoil.

Use in Defense Combo:Edit

The added weight can be used to weigh down defense types. This ability can be used in the Defense Combo:

  • AR: Round Crusher (Zeiser LS)
  • WD: Wide Heavy (Dravier LS)
  • RC: Free Spin Flat Core (Phase Flagon LS)
  • Spin Direction: Left

Running Core (RC): Wax Flat CoreEdit

  • Piece Count: 4
  • Layers (Height): 6

This is defenitelyone of the most interesting RCs ever created. It consists of the same kind of ring used for the Manual Change Core. The only difference is that the entire top is covered in wax. This creates lots of firction and gripping power. Although the large gripping power, the attack power isn't very high. It doesn't move around agressively unless launcher extremely fast which then it is difficult to control. Spin at an average speed it moves in a balanced pattern around the stadium.

Though it's an interesting part, however this doesn't balance out the flaws in this core. It has been outslassed by several attack type core pre-ceding it and succeeding it.

Use in Balance Combo:Edit

If better parts such as the FreeSpin Flat Core are not available the balanced movement can be used in the balance combo:

Image Gallery:Edit


Though the recoil due to attack teeth, the wings can be great for endurance. Dravier LS can be used for defense and attack purposes. Though some disadvantages all the parts of this lego bey can be used in a decent combo.

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