• Type: Attack
    Explosion Spiral

    Explosion Spiral D:D Top

  • System: FCS
  • Piece Count: 29

Explosion Spiral D:D is known to be one of the four Kinshi Blades. It was inspired by a black hole itself. A giant Destructive force. Explosion Spiral has four different modes which help it to defeat the opponent.


  • Attack: ********
  • Defense: *****
  • Stamina: ***
  • Balance: **

Face/Bit Beast Explanation:Edit

The Bit Beast "Spiral" is a living Black Hole. It really doesn't have a physical form. Its kind of like Libra. It doesn't have an actual beast, rather just destructive blows of energy.

Control Wheel: SpiralEdit

  • Piece Count: 4

Spiral was first released with red, black, and blue colors. Now its colors are just black as to imitate smoke from an explosion. While on the "Explosion" fusion wheel, "Spiral" can be rotated 180 degrees to change modes. Spiral is a Left spin control wheel.

Fusion Wheel: ExplosionEdit

  • Piece Count: 18
  • Layers: 3

Overall Explosion is a very good Forbidden wheel. Explosion is a spin symmetrical wheel, meaning that when rotated 180 degrees each side will look the same. The design of Explosion has been proven to grind against the opponent and often destroy the opponents spin completely. The layers are designed to obliterate the opponents spin. Explosion has 2 modes just like the Spiral control wheel. By rotating the top layer 180 degrees it it changed. In relation to Spiral there are four possible modes:

"Explosion" Mode Changes:Edit

  • Normal Mode
  • Force Mode
  • Fusion Mode
  • Chaos Mode

Use in Attack CustomizationEdit

Due to Explosion's versatile and powerful abilities, and the fact that D:D was especially designed to maximize Explosion, itself. Explosion can actually be used in the top-tier Attack Customization, Explosion Spiral/Bolt D:D

Drive: Destroy Drive (D:D)Edit

The D:D is a very violent drive. It has 3 modes:

  • Attack Mode (destructively violent the axle the middle of the drive is pushed upwards
  • Defense Mode (most of the time is in balance mode, but when at an angle the sides create violent sweep attacks. The axle is pushed down slightly past the ring.)
  • Balance mode (balanced and it has more stamina in this mode. The axle in the middle of D:D is pushed down way past the ring.

While in attack mode it is extremely furious. About as violent as the DG:D drive from Armageddon Bolt. by comparison.

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