Force Djinni is a beyblade that uses air pressure and counters to win. It is a very powerful balance type.


Djinni:piece count. 1 The face of this beyblade is a Djinni, a spirit often in Arabic legend. It has the power to do anything. The face is a gray piece.

Control WheelEdit

Djinni: piece count 2: The Control wheel is two six by three pieces side by side. It is good for defense. It is black

Fusion wheelEdit

Force: three layers The fusion wheel is a circular piece that has a side with a pocket and a side with a half circle underneath its defense is very good and its attack is okay Its named Force because it uses air pressure to ward off attacks. The fusion wheel is green, black, and blue

Spin trackEdit

Spike Dome(SD): Spike dome has four grey and gold half spikes facing downward. It is of medium height and is good for defense.

Performance tipEdit

Wide Flat Ball: The performance tip is a wide, circular, ball piece. It has a good combination of attack and defense to make it an excellent balance tip.

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