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Genasis Bolt

Type: attack System: FCS Piece count: 32

Genesis Bolt takes its name from the start of the genesis, defined as the beginning of the earth, using its colors to imitate the the magma and lava that covered the surface of the earth at its birth through infancy. It is a very powerful bey with amazing attack capabilities allowing it to crush all beys it is pitted against.

Control Wheel: Bolt -piece count: 5 Bolt was initially released by Bionicealek789 in the colors; yellow and black, to imitate Lightnings flashes but was released in the colors orange, red, and grey to portray the plasma deep inside the earth today that used to cover its surface

Fusion Wheel: Genesis -piece count: 21 -Layers: 4 Genesis is a right spin fusion wheel with teeth that face in that directIon allowing it to smash into the opponent beyblade then grip it and throw it into a wall to take away all off it's spin or throw it out of the stadium. Genesis is very rim weighted keeping it surprisingly stable throughout the attacking of the opponent bey. It has very good stamina as well so if it turns out that contact is not constantly made with the opponent bey, it will out spin it to victory.

Track: 1L -piece count: 1 1L is the lowest possible track for a Lego bey keeping genesis bolt low to the ground preventing other beys from attacking the bottom side of the bey, as well as keeping it very stable throughout its consecutive attacks. It also perfectly suits the tip used by the bey; REv2.

Tip: REv2 (rubber encased; version 2) -piece count: 4 REv2 is definitely one of the most revolutionary things about this bey. It combines MSW (mini smooth wide) with RE (rubber encased) to for a tip with fantastic stamina but as well, hyperactivity perfect for violet yet fluid and consecutive attacks. It is made up by 3 1x1 round studs built on top of each other with the down most facing one smoothed down with sand paper to create a mini SW (smooth wide) tip, hence the name MSW. This makes for a small tip with fabulous stamina. Wrapped around this setup though, is a rubber Lego tire. This is the RE, basically now the MSW is encased in rubber with still a small amount protruding out the bottom of the tire. The tire serves the function of making the bey hyperactive. This works because when spinning at high speed and put on the edge of a round stadium the tire grips the ground allowing it to rapidly spin around the stadium until it hits its target. And if it does not the bey will fall to the center of the stadium where the MSW takes charge, keeping the bey spinning, to outlast the opponent be it even a stamina type.

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