• Leviathan 005

    Grey Clawer, top with black color scheme.

    Type: Attack
  • Piece count: 22

A recreation of an old model, dated back in 2001. Designed to be a Lego version of Dranzer S, with it's clockwise spin and clawed ATK ring.


Offense: 5
Defense: 1
Endurance: 3
Balance: 3

Bit beastEdit

A beastless blade, relying on the blader himself.


The blade is only a 13-peg-high, considering 8 layers and the tip. The blade uses pitchfork styled holders top. It is supposed to use right rotation.

Attack wheel / Weight discEdit

  • Piece count: 13
A six layered, 6 x 8 wide ring implemented to the weight disc. Two slicing 'claws' gives the Clawer a strong attack, easily shunting the opponent away with force while preparing for the next attack. Down side is the oval shape which depletes it's balance and endurance fast with every hit, and gives practically no defense.


  • Piece count: 6
Considers two layers with wight of 6 x 6. Repels low attacks and protects the tip.


  • Piece count 3
A studded wheel with rubber tire. In the center is a small ball joint piece with cylinder connection.
  • Struction parts, bottom view
  • Struction parts, top view
  • Side view, with visible bottom
  • Top view

Battling Edit

The blade's battle style is somewhat Hit and Run. It strikes hard, but can't take much hits itself. With it's two clawed design, it lacks the circular symmetry Lego Beyblades require. Every strike it deals, and hit it takes drain a lot of it's stamina, so it's not ment for long battles or against highly defensive opponents.

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