Horn Krios BLACK FIRE VERSION is the 4th Ancient Being In The Fable Of Ancient. It was modeled after Krios, the Ram Titan. Its fusion wheel is the heaviest of all 12 Ancient Beings and can be changed, by removing the smash layer, to form the fusion wheel, Antlere.

Face Bolt: Krios Black FireEdit

Identity Pattern: KriosEdit

Krios's Identity Pattern is or should be aerodynamic and has shaped slots to curve the air as to be a shield.

Meta Wheel: Horn Black FireEdit

This meta wheel is the heaviest wheel of all 12 Ancient Beings and can blast all others out of the stadium in 1 or 2 attack

Track: 3LEdit

Standard 3 layer track.

Tip: Hole FlatEdit

Circular hole encourages aggressive attack movement making Horn Black Fire's weight more powerful.

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