Hurricane Dragler is a member of the chip system. It has three main parts: the face chip, the blade body, and the tip. These parts can be switched with other chip system parts to make custom blades.

System: Chip System

Type: Attack

Stats: Attack: 8 Defense: 5 Stamina: 6

Chip/Beast: Storm Chip

This chip is a light 2 by 6 flat piece with wings on it. The wings help hold the blade together. Dragler is a white snake-like dragon, its stomach is golden yellow and its wings have lots of white feathers on them. Draglir also has 6 legs and can move at incredible speeds. Dragler's super attack is hurricane rush, Draglir circles the stadium to gain speed then slams into the other blade with a uppercut attack.

Atk:3 Def:3 End/Stam:4

Blade Body: Dragler Hurricane

Dragler's body is built for smash attack it has 4 major smash attack points. Its  attack power, however, is weaker if left spin is used. Dragler has moderate spin steal in left spin but it is not recommended. Dragler is my number 1 attack type beyblade.

Atk:6 Def:2 End/Stam:2

Tip/Motor: Hole Flat Meta-Core

This, tip as the title said is a hole flat tip but there is a metal washer hot glued between two round lego pieces, this allows the top to have aggressive movement with added stamina. the secret is in the metal ring it doubles the weight of the top giving it good defense. To test my theory hold 1 5-pound weight in each hand and spin, it is harder to stop spinning with the weights in your hands (do it outside). The meta-core isn't magnetic but magnets will stick to it try to control the blade with a magnet. P.S. I would post a picture but I don't know how. :(

Atk:5 Def:2 End/Stam:4   

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