LFB Sonic Speed

LFB Sonic Speed, unlike Escaetha DragonFold, Fable Of Ancient, March Of Rome, and XTris Eve, is the successor of LFB 4D. and it has two differing systems: G-Num and Base-Num, both based on Metal Fight Beyblade Zero-G.

G-Num is like Base-Num other than a special kind of tip of the same name. The tip’s naming system is G (Gyros) and the number of stat capabilities x5 with the best being G360 and G5X. If the tip has a twist AND a large number of stat capabilities, it has a name, for example, like G2X or G5X Most beys with a G-Num tip only have a G7X at the most, but some like Avenger De Horos and Sunrise De Khepri have higher tips like G360 and G120 Beys like this are legendary. An example of G-Num is Avenger De Horos G360.

Base-Num is a regular tip with tracks and tips Track-Tip hybrids. Some are stamina related and some are attack related but they come in all shapes and reasonable sizes. Base-Num has two sub-branches: A-Base and B-Base. A-Base is tracks and tips but B-Base is the Track-Tip hybrids. One Example of A-Base is River Sobek C110MF. An example of B-Base is Blaze Phobos (Sonic Drive). LFB Sonic Speed is a mix of LFB Meta, LFB 4D and LFB Zero-G. Its Legend Patron bey is Sonic De Horos G360X. It is preceded by LFB March Of Rome, a relatively short series having lasted only two months. Its successor will be LFB Sonic Sound Of Speed. Sonic Speed is expected to last at least a year if that can be done. Lately, however, the sub-series of Lego Fight Beyblade haven’t lasted more than three months at the most though that does not mean they weren’t good enough.

Check this link to see videos and updates of LFB Sonic Speed:

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