The Lego Beyblades Wiki

As the name suggests, Lego Beyblades are Custom Beyblades that are specifically built out of Lego. There are actually many Lego Bladers around the world, however, those Bladers cannot easily make themselves known. Therefore, The Lego Beyblade Wiki-Website was created. Lego Beyblade Wiki is made to encourage the percentage of fellow Lego Bladers to arise; increasing the total amount of existing Lego Beyblades and enabling Lego Beyblades to become a hobby. A hobby known to many. And, once Lego Beyblading is known to many as a hobby, perhaps it could further expand into an official sport and competition.

This is the Lego-Bey dream, to become the best Lego Beyblader known.

Lego BeyWiki contains many tools and apparatus to enhance your knowledge of Lego Beyblades.

For instance;

  • Forums - to ask and discuss in multitudes of topics
  • Lego BeyWiki - find numerous known Lego Beyblades and access their informative specifications
  • Lego Bey Systems - to find a system that fits you best

Lego Beybladers are encouraged to keep adding and editing pages, to cooperate in the certain growth of Lego Beyblades.

Enjoy :D and KEEP SPINNING!!

~bioniclealek789, a fellow Lego Beyblader ;P

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