Leviathan 010

A common pull-back motor.

A popular choice among Lego Beybladers, and a perfect choice for a beginner. Relatively easy to build and necessary parts are common.


The motor has a built-in spring. When the spring is sprung in reverse, it builds up tension. As this tension is released the struction causes the spring to generate rotation. The struction is designed so that it allows forward motion with hardly any effort.

It should be noted that any tension left to the motor worns it down. This means it can store less tension to it. The less tension, the less power released.

Usage on LBBEdit

The launcher is simple and easy to make. Depending on the pull-back motor used, it can be very effective power source. It's also a very easy to handle, just attach the blade and spin it backwards till you hear a click from the motor. Release and let go.

To describe a plain launcher design:

  • A pull-back motor
Power source
  • An 8 long cross piece
Connection between the motor and a blade holder; lenght is a sample
  • A blade holder
Connection between the blade and the launcher
  • A counter piece
To hold the cross piece in place; the blade holder holds from the other side.
  • A grip
For a proper hold of the launcher.

A great way upgrade it would be by adding a triggering system to it, to control the moment, when the blade is released without having to hold it by your hand.


  • A cheap and addaptive type of a launcher
  • Quick to learn and build
  • Only necessary parts are the motor and the cross piece. If one has a pull-back motored car, then everyting is else is available.
  • Can be used both leftspin and rightspin (clockwise and counterclockwise)


  • Slow to reset
  • Wide and/or heavy blades don't receive such power from the launcher as small ones do. Momentum and burden kicks in.
  • Without a triggering system, lacks the comfortable usage.
  • Overall power outlet is is lower than of good string launcher or decent ripcord launcher
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