• Type: Attack/Balance/Defense
  • System: FCS
  • Piece Count: 38

Shadow Mist Galzeo 3P:D is known to be one of the four Kinchi Blades. This Lego Bey was inspired by how a shadow is the darkness that follows the sunset and the 'Mist' part is something that produces or gives the impression of dimness or obscurity.

Control Wheel: GalzeoEdit

  • Piece Count: 6

Galzeo was initially released with the colors: Red and Black, to imitate the 'Darkness'. Galzeo is a dual-spin control wheel.

Use in "Final Mode" CustomizationEdit

Galzeo can be used to steal spin, although "Shadow Mist" fits it best, if unavailable it can be used in its Final Mode which can change from Balance to Attack or Attack to Balance - Shadow Eclipse Galzeo FP:D

Fusion Wheel: Shadow MistEdit

  • Piece Count: 27
  • Layers: 4

Shadow Mist is a specially made wheel for it to be able to be an attack type,as well as defense and balance, also making it have a dual-spin ability which is essential to the wheel as it includes 4 teeth which grip unto other Lego Beyblades and "steal" spin. These teeth assure that Shadow Mist will spin longer than its opponent, as long as both beyblades make contact. There are also curved edges which increases its defense enabling it to deflect hard attacks. These curvs have the teeth under them making it able to grip to enemy blades when in contact.Its also well balanced.

Use in Balance CustomizationEdit

This “steal-spin” ability can also be used in the Balance Customization.

Track: 3P:DEdit

  • Piece Count: 5

3P:D (3 Phase Drive). 3P:D as it says, it has 3 Phases the track can change to 3 different things attack which is done manually as well as balance and defense which can be done manually or it does it by itself. Defense goes on when it has been hit by another lego bey then returns to balance.

Use in Defense CustomizationEdit

This track can be used to counter attack types.

Use in Stamina CustomizationEdit

This track isn't made for stamina,but if in balance mode the stamina is fairly moderate also since it can "steal" spin this helps alot.

Image GalleryEdit


Shadow Mist Galzeo 3P:D displays vigorous power and has great timing on when to use it,allowing it to toy with the opponent as well as successfully winning, after being launched. In addition to its sheer Attack/Balance/Defensive power,Shadow Mist Galzeo is also one of the few Lego beyblades which can effectively steal spin enabling the bey to spin ‘longer’ than it’s opponent which is essential to any bey’s victory. So far it's been proven to have one of the best spin-stealing mechanism of all the forbidden lego beyblades.

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