Sonic Griffon is an attack/speed type bey created and used by Ace from the blader team "Dendo Bladers" (the others being Timothy and Christian). It is one of the Dendo beys. The Dento beys are 3 beys, Sonic Griffon, Titanium Virgo and Destroyer alicorno. The Dendo beys were created during a battle between thier pre evolved versions. The battle started normal but upon first contact betwen all three. Lightning struck thus charging up these beys and crowning them the name Dendo beys (Which means electric in japanese) these beys are feared throught the world for being the strongest beys in the southern hemisphere.Sonic Griffon is by far the best attack of all the Dendo beys. Sonic Griffon's spin track is a standard 3 high 2x2 defence type. The preformance tip is a 2x2 stamina type piece.Sonic Griffon It was origianly based on Zieser Ls yet this prooved to make an ill ballanced bey with little to no stamina so i greated arches to make it more rounded giving it more stamina but this also made holes close to the edge so that when it spins there seems to be a seperate ring around the bey's center just floating there thus crowning it the nickname "Saturn".  Although not much is known about this bey.


Defence:  *******

Attack:  ********

Stamina:  *******

Speed:  ********

Ballance:  *******

Element:  sound & speed

Type:  ultimate attack

Planet: saturn

So as you can see these stats are well ballanced with one another.  Not much is know about this bey, as the owner has chosen to keep it classified as there are many uniqe and powerfull components that give this bey its strengh and power. This bey is feared around the world for its enormous speed and attack capabillities.

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