The FCS Lego Beyblade System is known to be one of the main Lego Beyblade Systems in current existence. The Fusion Control System is initially based on the Metal Fusion Beyblades (MFB)

Control Wheel (CW)Edit

  • Layers: Strictly always 1 Layer (not including the face)
  • Span (Single Brick): 4x4 - 8x8

The Control Wheel is initially the upmost top wheel of a FCS Lego Beyblade.

The Control Wheel is included increase certain capabilities of a Lego Beyblade. The CW can contribute in many ways/features, for instance; the CWs:

  • Bolt; can contribute in a Lego Beyblade's recoil and attack power since they obtain rigid components which come unto contact with the opposing Lego Beyblades
  • Spiral; can contribute to a lego beyblade's aero-dynamics as the wings create less air resistence allowing the lego bey to sometimes mvoe faster or spin longer
  • Aquita; could increase weight, or add more balance to a Lego Beyblade. And when there is increased weight, there is more defence power.
  • Galzeo; can contribute to one's balance, because it works with the Fusion Wheels design so well, attack power can be significantly increased.

Each Control Wheel vary in ability and significantly varies in overall effect of a specific Lego Beyblade. Other CWs suit other Fusion Wheels, in consequence, take caution.

Fusion WheelEdit

  • Layers: 2 - 5
  • Span (Single Brick): 8x8

The Fusion Wheel is the main contact point of any FCS Lego Beyblade. It detemines the initial behaviour of the Lego Beyblade due to:

  • Weight (largely detemining Defense/momentum)
  • Shape (mostly deciding recoil/Attack power)
  • Aero-Dynamics (mostly detemining Stamina/speed)

Fusion Wheels use a large variety of shaped protrusions to lower the specific spin-velocity of an opponent. Since there are 3 main attributes (not including Balance) in Lego Beyblading and Beyblading alike, some characteristics of certain Fusion Wheels determines the attribute of one's Lego Beyblade.

The Shape of the Fusion Wheel also determines the spin direction of one's Lego Beyblade.

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