• Type: Defense/Endurance
  • System: FCS
  • Piece Count: 35

Tidal Seize Ursus is a very stable defensive Lego Bey and it can be changed to stamina mode. This is a good bey against Balance and mainly Attack type blades.

Control Wheel: UrinsusEdit

  • Piece Count: 4

Ursus was initially released with the colors: Blue and grey, to imitate Tidal waves.

Use in Stamina CustomizationEdit

Ursus can be changed to stamina mode by taking part of the Control Wheel connected to the Tidal Fusion Wheel and repositioning. It will still have the same name - Tidal Seize Ursus 3L PS

Fusion Wheel: Tidal and SeizeEdit

  • Piece Count: 27
  • Layers: 5

Tidal Seize has a special made Fusion Wheel on top of the Seize Fusion Wheel which is Tidal Fusion Wheel,parts of the Tidal Fusion Wheel is connected to parts of the Control Wheel which can be repositioned and turned into stamina mode while still having a great amount of defensive power, therefore making it a formidable Lego Bey against attack types.

Use in Defensive CustomizationEdit

Can be use for any Defensive type of Lego Beyblade and also increasing the stamina.

Track: 3LegsEdit

  • Piece Count: 3

3L is a 3 Layer track. It is considered to as a moderate and reliable sized track.

Use in Defense CustomizationEdit

This track can be used to counter attack types. ~ Clutch Ursus 3L SS

Use in Stamina CustomizationEdit

This track is made to outlast the opponent if the defense fails. ~ Heavy Hypo 3L SW

Bottom: Pyramid SharpEdit

  • Piece Count: 3

Pyramid Sharp or PS consists of 2 pyramid shape like halves which is placed on top of a 2x2 square piece. This bottom a has sharp point for it to spin around the middle of the bey stadium unlike for an attack bottom making that Lego Bey spin all over. Its sharp end enables it to maintain the stamina it needs to outlast the opponent Lego Bey but when hit it can be out balanced but it does make up for its outlasting abilities.

Use in Balance CustomizationEdit

This can be used for Balance type too. ~Heavy Hypo 3L PS

Image GalleryEdit


Tidal Seize Ursus 3L PS displays great defensive power and has amazing endurance abilities,allowing it to outlast the opponent and counter attack with moderate amount of damage.But it can be knocked out of balance which would be its downfall. But it is a truly great Lego Bey to have.

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