• ATK: 4
  • DEF: 3
  • END: 4

Bit Beast (BB): Trigan Lego SlicerEdit

Trygan LS is somewhat of a fish/shark. It has three yellow fins. Two on each side of its body, and one on its head. Its body is covered in shiny sliver scales. It has a long tail which ends in a three points. It has a harder exoskeleton on its lower jar, top of its back, sides of its fins, and on its tail. Trygan's elements are wind and ice. Its special attack is known as "Hurricane Slicer" Trygan LS is engulfed by a tornado like hurricane that rushes towards the enemy. This is followed by Trygan Spinning around inside the tornado. Then the BB and and the Trygan LS (both still engu;fed by the spinning hurricane) rush towards the enemy in a corkscrew position.

Bit Protector (BP): Try-gan EmblemEdit

  • Piece Count: 2
  • Layers: 2

The Try-gan Emblem is currently the tightest BP. Its one of the original models. The tightness does sometimes become a problem. Sometimes the BP is so tight that the clutch won't release. However this is rarely every a bad problem. When successful this clutch cause the lego bey to spin incredibly fast. In relation to Trygan LS spinning out of control is never a problem as its an Endurance Type.

Attack Ring (AR): Reverse UpperEdit

  • Piece Count: 16
  • Layers: 3

The Reverse Upper is one of the most interesting ARs. Its given its name because in both spin directions there is upper attack. While in right spin there is more upper attack. In left spin there is still some upper attack, but there is definately more in right spin. This AR has about the same width as Ezidian's Wide Upper. Reverse Upper's wide range allowes easy contact with the enemy. This can be good or bad.

This AR also easily slices through the air, creating less air resistence. It also creates a lot of friction. It gives off a lot of air which can throw off opponent attacks slightly. The only problem is that it is prone to crash outs. It doesn't happen very often, but it happens enough to make this an unreliable part. This is one reason why making contact can be bad. No other AR has completely outclassed Reverse Upper at all. Though there are more compact ARs the Reverse Upper has qualities that no other AR can match.

Weight Disk (WD): 8 WideEdit

  • Piece Count: 8
  • Layers: 3

The normal 8 wide WD. Its weight is heavier than the 6 Wide. It's just heavy enough to weigh down lighter ARs to keep them from easily spinning out of control.

Running Core (RC): Ball CoreEdit

  • Piece Count: 3
  • Layers (Height): 5

The Ball Core is one of the best endurance type Cores of all time.

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